The Water Feature Experts

Waterforms International Pty Ltd

 bringing water to life...

Waterforms design, construct and maintain water themed projects for commercial, government, urban and residential clients both nationally and internationally. 

Our work ranges from interactive waterplay parks, water displays, water features, water walls and sculptural artworks to swimming pools, spas, rivers, ponds and streams.  We have designed and constructed water exhibits for zoos to create water enrichment for animals, horse exercise and remedial therapy pools for racehorse trainers, as well as water displays for advertisements and movie sets including The Great Gatsby (click to enlarge).

Mission Statement

Our role is to interpret creative visions for water spaces within architectural developments, landscape designs and water themed environments.

Our commitment is to consistently exceed the quality, craftsmanship and innovation expectations of our clients and maintain the benchmark of excellence within our industry.

Our strategy is to use sound, movement, light and form to bring water to life. 

What we do

Waterforms design, construct, service and maintain water displays of outstanding creative and technical ingenuity to bring water to life...

The sculptural and fluid forms combine with innovative lighting and hydraulic engineering to create spaces for reflection and tribute, bold artistic vision and magical interactive places to play.

Bringing water to life..

Sound is soothing to the mind and soul and articulates the fun in a splash. 

Movement inspires immediate response and entices engagement.

Light suggests mood, creates dramatic effect and directs focus with intensity and colour.

Form builds wonder and harnesses an element of mystery, magic and life-force.

Welcoming Lightforms International Pty Ltd

Established in October 2019 by Waterforms International in response to the architectural and landscape industries’ need for experienced and professional Lighting Consultancy.

As the sister company to Waterforms International and Waterforms UK, Lightforms
International has the considerable advantage of the parent company’s 45 years
of experience in the water display industry.

With any dramatic water display there is the integral element of lighting - LIGHT suggests mood, creates dramatic effect and directs focus with intensity and colour.

We offer extremely high standard performance lights that are reliable, cost effective, innovative and are adjustable to any project needs.

Lightforms International brings form into focus