Water Feature, Pool & Spa Servicing

How can a water display stay the star of the show?

It's a simple answer...Service.

Why use Waterforms?

Waterforms has a long and successful track record for water display, pool and spa maintenance worldwide. We use state of the art water testing equipment on site to generate immediate reports enabling treatment and/or repair plans to commence without delay. All our Service Technicians have undergone training and certification in Technical Operations to ensure the Water Displays are serviced and maintained in accordance with the Department of Health Regulations.

We have the knowledge and skills to:

  • Clean & repair your water display & replace light lamps.

  • Test & adjust water chemistry.

  • Service filtration systems & monitor water treatment equipment.

  • Replace parts & manufacture customised components.

  • Maintain hydraulic and control equipment & adjust time or computer controls.

Service can be on a daily, weekly, fortnightly, monthly or quarterly rotation.


Does your upcoming event need a temporary Water Display?
Waterforms can install temporary Water Displays for events, movie productions and more. 

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Does your Water Display, Spa or Pool require a service or repair?
Contact us today.

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