Water Feature Construction Services

"No water, no life. No blue, no green" - Sylvia Earle

Waterforms has the skills and knowledge in-house to bring a water themed project through all stages of development from concept to commissioning and completion. The construction team work  with the design team and liaise with other trades effectively, both on site and remotely, to ensure the project remains within the client's budget expectations, while staying true to the initial concept and design intention. 

The company is renowned for building water displays that are not only visually spectacular but are also compliant with health department codes, national building standards and environmental protocols. Our working methods and high standards ensure the longevity of our projects both from a display performance and water quality perspective. 

Waterforms has worked with world renowned artists to create ground breaking water effects that have never been seen anywhere in the world before. The company's creative and innovative approach to water and its form has built our solid reputation both nationally and internationally to effectively build a visual artist's creative vision and bring their water to life. 


Construction Documentation
Construction Review
Full Commissioning Services
Restoration & Refurbishment Programs

Construction Documentation

  • Construction documentation for all waterplay and water display components, including all mechanical, hydraulic, lighting and electrical engineering associated with the water display. 
  • Layout plans
  • Sections
  • Construction details
  • Specifications
  • Construction contract preparation

Construction Review

  • Full contract adminsitration or
  • Construction review services - intensive
  • Construction review services - periodic
  • Shop drawing review

Full Commissioning Services

  • Ensuring special hydraulic equipment is brought into service correctly
  • Refinement of controls and special sequencing
  • Refinement and valve adjustments to set special water effects
  • Water quality/chemistry control setup
  • Maintenance personnel instruction and as built information checks
  • Ongoing operational advice and periodic/annual review services

Restoration & Refurbishment Programs

  • Re-design for refurbishment
  • Documentation of refurbishment work programs
  • Refurbishment construction review
  • Recommissioning services

Construction Auditing

From site inspections: 

  • Full review of the refurbished fountain including responsibilities, workmanship and functionality
  • Provide advice on compliance with Australian Standards
  • Identify potential deficiencies, including hydraulic, electrical and plantroom  
  • Identify workmanship and functionality is in accordance to specifications
  • Comment on items reviewed and suitability of existing arrangement
  • Comment on existing waterproofing and repairs if needed
  • Comment on lighting and provide options for lighting solutions if appropriate.
  • Address maintenance requirements and advise on appropriate maintenance regime for the water feature
  • Prepare cost plan for repairs/upgrades and routine maintenance