Water Feature Design Services

"Water is the driving force of all Nature" - Leonardo da Vinci

At concept stage, Waterforms' creative skills and professional experience combine in response to a client's request to develop a fundamental water feature idea into a fully developed, functional and code compliant water display. Our experience encompasses a broad range of commercial, government and residential projects from interactive waterplay parks, fountains, swimming pools and spas to landscape integrated artworks and sculptural pieces.

For water displays integrated within a new landscape design, masterplan, civic development or refurbishment, Waterforms will develop all landscape concepts associated with water themed spaces. The company's design work is supported by accurately costed hydraulic engineering and electrical control design to produce the innovative water choreography and lighting effects that enable Waterforms to bring water to life. 

Waterforms' design skills have contributed significantly to many of our clients winning design awards for landscape design, commercial and urban design as well as residential building projects and developments. 

Concept Design

  • Waterplay and Water Display Design, Pool & Spa Design
  • Waterplay and Water Display integration with architectural or landscape concepts
  • Water effects 3D form and programmed choreography
  • Lighting effects and programmed choreography

Design Development

  • Overall design intention of water effects
  • Water quality standards and construction methods
  • Selection and detailing of materials and finishes 
  • Equipment space and utility services requirements
  • Outlining the flow rates and water systems
  • Safety requirements for water themed projects
  • Projected spray and splash patterns

Feasibility Advice

  • Cost analysis
  • Context and general concept appraisals

Prototype Design Development

  • Design and construction of prototypes
  • Prototype testing of specialist water effects
  • Demonstration of effects to Client