About Waterforms

"If there is magic on this planet, it is contained in water" - Loren Eiseley.


Waterforms provides specialist services for water themed projects ranging from residential and urban sites to major commercial and landscape developments.

The company was founded over 45 years ago to service an ever increasing demand in Sydney for fountain and water feature design and construction.

Operating both locally and internationally, Waterforms has established a solid reputation for providing high quality craftsmanship and valuable technical expertise that is now applied to projects throughout Australia, the United Kingdom, the Pacific Basin and South East Asia.

The continuing success of Waterforms’ projects has led to a high demand for the company to provide consultancy work throughout Australia and overseas.

Our skilled people provide working solutions for:

  • Creative interactive waterplay and water display design 
  • Advice on hydraulic design and maintenance
  • Strategic refinements for complex water sculptures
  • Efficient water quality management and
  • Procedures for resolving environmental issues associated with water themed projects in our cities

Waterforms imports, fabricates and sells a range of water feature equipment, materials and running supplies. These include:

  • Display jets
  • Pumps
  • Filtration and water treatment equipment
  • Weirs and spouts
  • Drain grilles and gratings
  • Electrical control panels
  • Underwater lighting
  • Water balance chemicals and additives


We have established strong working relationships with major international companies such as PEM of Canada – the world leaders in jet design & manufacturing – and Bronzelite & The Fountain People in the United States. Due to these relationships our projects are strongly supported by the industry’s major manufacturers.


From Namoi Valley Independent 18 July 2019

Gunnedah Indigenous Water Feature welcomed by Kamilaroi Community

Sixteen years has passed since a group of Kamilaroi women sat down together to learn how to create mosaic tiles illustrating their culture.
Now these powerful symbols of a distinctive culture will become part of Gunnedah's Rainbow Serpent water feature at the front of The Civic Centre on Chandos Street.
Glen Innes artist Max Powell, Jan Shedden and Jill Watkins taught the ten women how to make the tiles and over a few years, 32 tiles took shape depicting koalas, turtles, cockatoos, lizards, fish, Aboriginal tools, children's hands and the Red Chief, among other images.
The original design of the rainbow serpent was developed by Powell and fellow artist Bronwyn McKean from drawings completed by Aboriginal leader Ellen Draper.
The NVI met Gloria Foley, Rita Long, Shirley Long, June Cox and Janet Wanless on Tuesday to ask their thoughts on the recent choice of Waterforms International to deliver the $274,258 project.
We're really excited. We can't wait for it to get started," Ms Cox said.
Ms Wanless said they met Waterforms International designer Dirk Slotboom a few years ago when they discussed using the tiles in a water feature.
"He's the only one who does it in Australia," she said.
Ms Foley said they liked his ideas and were glad they would be working with him.
"We liked him. We talked about everything. His ideas were really great," she said.
"This will be good for us and good for the community."
Gunnedah Shire Council and the Kamilaroi women will meet with the designer in the coming months to further the project.
The project will be completed by the end of the 2019-2020 financial year.


Australian Embassy Bangkok

Waterforms Project Component:  Fish & Turtle Pond, Lily Pond, Internal Water Display
from the Architectural Firm - BVN Australia:

To the larger Bangkok Embassy consultant team,

Over ten years have passed since the competition for a new Australian Embassy in Bangkok was held. Since then, many many people have spent countless hours in both the evolution of the design and its transformation into (literally) bricks and mortar.

Yesterday - Thursday August 3, 2017 - saw the inauguration ceremony of this new facility. The project was opened by the Foreign Minister Julie Bishop who (in spite of an obligation to say nice things) was among many who were extremely complimentary about both the design and execution of the whole complex. The facility had its first week as a fully operational embassy and the Ambassador hosted a reception for 200 people. We are very pleased to say that, all things considered, everything has run smoothly and as expected.

It has been an extremely exciting, unorthodox and challenging project and it is extremely satisfying to have achieved such a fabulous outcome - we very much appreciate everyone’s role in bringing the complex it to this stage.

Given the journey that this project has taken many of us on, this week was an important milestone - we wanted to communicate both how satisfied the client is with the result and also the positive reception the building has received from the staff who will actually be using the building on a daily basis.

Urban Development Institute of Australia and Western Australian Heritage Award Wins for Yagan Square

Waterforms Project Component: Water Displays and Waterplay

From: MRA Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority - Sean Henriques, A/Chief Executive Officer

I am thrilled to advise that the Yagan Square project picked up a prestigious industry award for planning excellence and we extend our sincere congratulations to you and your team for your considerable contribution to the project.

Yagan Square won the Great Place award at the Planning Institute of Australia (Western Australia) Awards for Planning Excellence and also received a commendation for Best Planning Ideas- Large Project.

Yagan Square was recognised for exemplifying how visionary planning can reconnect an entire city, both geographically and culturally by breaking down a 100 year old physical divide and seeking to bridge a two century cultural divide.

The judges praised the project as a destination between the city's transit hubs that celebrates Aboriginal culture and Western Australian history, lifestyle, landscape and produce. It brings places, people and ideas together to deliver an exceptional experience.

This significant industry accolade speaks volume of the cooperation and shared vision between all parties involved in the planning and creation of Yagan Square.

Together we have delivered a truly great place for Perth and we are delighted to share this award with you.